Jianfeng Zhan(詹剑锋)

Full Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences & ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Office: Room 1038, NO. 6, Kexueyuan South Road, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, PRC
E-mail: jianfengzhan.benchcouncil@gmail.com

About Me

I have been a full professor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2012, and Director of the Research Center for Advanced Computer Systems, ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2022. I am the founding chair of the International Open Benchmark Council (BenchCouncil) .


Opensource computer systems, Benchmarks, Evaluations, Parallel and Distributed Systems, and Operating Systems.

In the future five years (2024-2029), I plan to work on the following research topics:

  • Benchmarkology (😄fortunately, I coined this term). In all disciplines, how to evaluate is a fundamental issue. Unfortunately, most evaluation approaches are ad-hoc. Proposing a unified evaluation principle and methodology is a very challenging issue. Recently, I have had some intuitions about the solution to this challenge. Metrology is the measurement science and application which objectively observes or measures objects or things. Instead, evaluation is subjective. I propose a unified benchmark-based evaluation approach. I have been building the underlying mathematic model, principle, and methodology, which I call benchmarkology. As a case study, I am working on how to evaluate intelligence, chips, and fundamental algorithms with my Ph.D. students and colleagues.
  • Benchmarkology-guided exploration of the solution instantiation space. In my previous work, I propose that a benchmark is an explicit or implicit definition of a problem. Based on the benchmarkology, I will revisit the computer system issues from the top down, beginning with systematically defining the problems and then exploring the solution instantiation space. I will examine the possibility of proposing new computations or management abstractions.
  • Opensource computer systems initiative (OpenCS). As a wild idea, I am defining the benchmarks of global challenges. I launched an open-source computer system initiative to tackle those challenges. It will not reinvent the wheel. Instead, I will propose new abstractions and methodologies to tackle these fundamental challenges.